Acme specializes in VPS hosting (virtual private server) providing both speed and security. So instead of using a shared server with thousands of web sites on it, we offer a much more private server with just our clients on it. It’s like a gated community if you will.

This also allows us to create multiple email address’s associated with your domain name. Plans are $8 per month for hosting (with back up) & $99 per month for hosting & SEO to include site back up and search engine optimization.

Our hosting is fully managed and everything is backed up on our $99 per month plan so you have peace of mind if any technical issues arise and they will arise! We offer web hosting for all types of web sites and WordPress data base hosting which gives you access to log in and update your site from any computer.

To set up your hosting plan click here. You can cancel at any time. You can pay monthly or yearly.


We offer Bakersfield hosting, Bakersfield web hosting services.

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